Welcome to Braces Singapore, which provides the detailed information about braces.

A lot of people who are thinking about getting braces are experienced with a Pandora’s Box of concerns which range from costs, to what type of braces suits them the best.

Many adults are taking the further step and having dental braces in Singapore nowadays, not only for children and teenagers anymore.

Whether to fix the long standing dental issues like damaged, worn or decayed teeth or maybe you just want to improve your overall look, there are plenty of advancements and improvements in the field of dentistry and orthodontics nowadays, getting braces is a solution for everyone.

Also, there are a lot of new solutions offered for people of every age group to get their teeth fixed, providing them not just a gorgeous smile, but also the overall health benefits that go together with a correct bite and straight teeth.

An Introduction of Braces Singapore

Orthodontic braces are created to fix jagged teeth, and that is what most of the people bring to mind when braces are talked about.

  • By using the brackets and archwire to pull the teeth into the right positions, so that the wires and teeth get tightened as time passes, it’s easy to ease teeth into the new and good positions progressively.
  • It can take quite a long time, most of the cases take years. However the lasting results are worth it.
  • Usually braces are used on children or teenagers because their teeth are still growing.
Nowadays, there are braces accessible for anybody who wishes to straighten their teeth and get rid of dental concerns.

Not just the braces can improve your appearance, but also fix a lot of dental issues which can be caused by having an overbite or jagged teeth.

Issues like premature wear, can’t be reached to clean the area of tooth decay, occlusions, jaw imbalance, crowded teeth and other dental problems can all be fixed by braces, which are being used since the time of Classical Athens.

Perhaps the ancient Greeks realized that straight teeth weren’t only a lot more beautiful, but also improved health!

A family get their own braces singapore 3 years ago so that they feel very happy now

50% of Patients Who needs Braces in Singapore are Adults

Braces have a very misconception of being just for children for some explanations.

A long time ago, everyone believed that it was only possible to improve the position of teeth and fix dental issues with braces when a person was young, and their teeth were still maturing and growing.

This has since been proven to be wrong, with the fact being that, even fully developed teeth can be relocated, and bone growth can carry on, assisting to keep adjusted teeth in their much more appropriate position.

  • As how inconvenient and unattractive braces used to be, there weren’t many adults like to use them.
  • Braces were considered not comfortable for those who works 9 to 5 as they have to meet a lot of people, overall appearance is crucial to them.
  • Most of them decided just to leave their teeth the way they were.
On the other hand, not only has it been discovered that it’s an easy task to modify adult teeth, the health improvements resulting from fixing dental issues, makes it beneficial to every age group.

It could take more time for adult teeth to ease into the right positions, requiring adults to use the dental braces longer than children and teenagers, but it still provides more benefits than the negative aspects.

Braces Prices in Singapore

Braces Singapore prices from the previous were quite high when compared to proper treatments today.

This is certainly yet another reason why a lot of adults have never taken care of their dental issues, particularly if there were kids in the family who required braces.

  • Regardless of the excellent improvements in orthodontics during the last 20 years, the cost of dental braces in Singapore hasn’t gone up very much at all.
  • While you will find a broad range of price based on the type of braces and the treatment, braces prices in Singapore today could cost between SGD3,000 to SGD10,000 for most of the people.
  • This may not be that much of an increase because 20 years ago braces can cost up to $3,000, which was very expensive to a lot of people!
No matter if you got a child who may need braces, or perhaps you are an adult who has been advised previously that your dental issue might need to be taken care of, this might be a good time to think about talking to your dentist about getting braces.

Public InstitutionsAverage Fee (SGD)
Khoo Teck Puat Hospital3,600 to 4,200
Jurong Medical Centre3,600 to 4,100
Tan Tock Seng Hospital3,500 to 4,500
National University Hospital3,500 to 4,500
National Dental Centre3,330 to 4,870
Changi General Hospital3,000 to 4,500
Alexandra Hospital3,600 to 4,100

Should I Go Private Dental Clinic?

If you’re able to afford it, we suggest you go private dental clinic.

The benefits are that additional time your dental can be spent with you, to get to know you and your dental problems, and you can take advantage of the better materials and treatments.

Of course, just because a dentist is private does not always mean they are excellent, thus, research prices and get recommendations from colleagues, friends, and family, or the internet.

  • There are big differences in the costs, which private dental clinics charge for the treatment, look for their price list. Therefore, you can compare and make decision.
  • A few of the differences can be explained by the area they located, but even inside the same location, price can be difference a lot too.
  • A lot of private insurance plans cover these dental treatments because they comprehend the possible risks of dental issues.
  • Most of the private dental clinics in Singapore provide installment plans too, to assist every person out there have the dental braces they need.
Private Dental ClinicsAverage Price (SGD)
WH Dental Surgeons3,500++
Universal Dental Centre4,600 to 6,800
TLC Dental Centre4,000++
The Orthodontic Centre5,000 to 6,800
Taman Jurong Dental Centre - FDC4,600 to 6,800
Scotts Dental Centre4,500
Phoenix Dental Surgery4,000 to 6,000
Orange Dental Clinic4,500
L Q Dental Pte Ltd6,200
Implantdontics Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry5,350 to 10,700
HarbourPoint Dental Centre - FDC4,600 to 6,800
Glittz Smile Dental Surgery4,600 to 6,800
Faith Dental Surgery2,000 to 4,500
Coast Dental4,012 to 4,504
Burlinson Dental Surgery4,800 to 7,500
Amoy Street Dental4,000++
A Line Dental Braces Clinic Pte Ltd3,759

Understanding the Components of Braces

As you already know, braces can force your teeth to move slowly to the correct position in an extended period. The teeth bones will also change and adapt to the pressure and movement.

The typical braces consist of the following key components:


  • Brackets along the wire as a barrier in front of each tooth, which aims to make the teeth be aligned.
  • These brackets is made of Steel, Titanium, Polycarbonate, Ceramic or Colored Plastic.


  • Bands that made of steel or titanium wrap and surround your teeth.
  • Colorful or transparent bands are more expensive than the common one.
  • It is a connector between one bracket to another on each tooth.
  • However, not all patients need to use orthodontic bands.


  • Archwire can unite all of the brackets and direct the tooth movement.
  • It attaches to the brackets and bind like a rubber band.
  • It is made of nickel, copper, or titanium.
  • These materials are more elastic and flexible than steel, making it easier to adjust.
There are many other accessories to support you during the treatment.

a pretty girl who is very happy because she just remove the braces singapore

Types of Braces in Singapore

Colored and Clear Braces are more expensive than the common one, but they are preferred by most of the teenagers and adults nowadays.

The following are the type of braces you can find in Singapore:

Traditional Braces

  • They consist of brackets which attach to each tooth and connected to each other by a wire.
  • They are the most common braces that used by many dental institution.
  • They can be used to fix the dental problems or to prevent some particular issues that may occur in the future.
  • They are generally easily spotted because they are made of metal.
  • Some of the dental institutes may offer brackets that made of ceramic or plastic, which are not easily to be observed, but higher in price.
  • You can find more information about the traditional braces here.

Clear Braces

  • This type of braces is commonly used to fix dental problems such as crooked teeth.
  • They can be easily removed when you need to clean your mouth or brush your teeth.
  • You may want to read more about Invisilign, a very famous clear braces available in the market.

Functional Gear

  • A pair of removable plastic wire that placed on the top and bottom of your teeth.
  • They can be used to find out the problem such as the position of your upper and lower jaw are not aligned with your upper and lower teeth.
  • In order to bring maximum benefit, they should be used all the time, only removed when eating and cleaning.


  • A device that connects to the braces and placed on the head to adjust the your teeth.
  • Users can not eat or drink when wearing headgear.
  • Usually these devices are used during the night or only a few hours.


  • They are commonly used near to the end of your dental treatment.
  • They are serves to stabilize the new position of the teeth, gums and bones, prevent your teeth back to the previous position.
  • They can be permanent or removable.
  • Tooth position will continue to change over time as a natural process, retainer may be used only a few hours in a day.

Lingual Braces

  • They are not visible to anyone as they are placed behind your teeth.
  • This type of braces can cost more than other types.
In addition, there are some serious cases that may require surgery in the hospital or dental clinics.

How to Stop Braces Pain?

During the first week of your braces treatment, you will feel pain; that could be very annoying. The pain is usually caused by the movement in the position of your teeth and jaw.

  • Pain Killer can help relieving braces pain if necessary.
  • You could also try gargling with a spoonful of salt that dissolved in warm water.
  • You should consult dentist if the pain became unbearable.

Thanks for reading Braces Singapore, below are the most popular types of braces, learn more about every type of them, compare their prices, benefits and make a final decision.

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